One of the core values of our company is to contribute to the communities in which we live and work. Since discovering the community development organization, POGO Park, we have begun a relationship with Founder and Director, Toody Maher. She has introduced us to movers and shakers in the Richmond community, inspiring our renewed commitment to the city in which we are located.

We recently collaborated with our partner and friend Kathy Rogers (head architect from Sogno Design Group) during Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service. POGO Park sponsored a Children’s Play Area on the Richmond Greenway, creating a safe environment for kids to engage in the outdoors and be active.

We purchased a dozen redwood stumps from the Richmond Green Waste Recycle Yard and brought them to our wood shop. With the help of friends, family and employees of our company, along with POGO Park and Sogno Design Group, we were able to provide sanded, beautiful, useable redwood stumps for seating and playing. Within minutes of delivering them to their new home on the Greenway, there were children jumping between them, climbing on them, and mingling around them!

We are grateful to POGO Park for the incredible inspiration they are to us and for their unyielding commitment to the community. We must thank Kathy Rogers (and her creative/wise/thoughtful son!) for providing the design and manpower to get this project through from conception to completion.

To learn more about the incredible POGO Park and how they are bettering the Richmond community, check out their website here. To learn more about the design services offered by Sogno Design Group, you can visit their website here.

We are looking forward to the next opportunity to be involved in the community and hope you will join us!

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