Client Stories

“In Lawrence Construction we not only found the most wonderful, reliable, resourceful, knowledgeable, and helpful people but we have a beautifully constructed addition and many new friends.”

– Caroline

“Bob and I met Tom Lawrence and his crew almost 25 years ago, after we bought a rundown brown shingle 4-plex in the Elmwood. Over the years Tom has done many renovation projects on our building and everything he has done has been an unqualified success and a joy for us. We’ve converted knob and tube wiring, added electrical lines, renovated two bathrooms and two kitchens, as well as adding bookcases that look like built-ins, improving the foundation, external stairs, porches, banisters, and patio. If Tom can’t do something he has always made referrals for reliable workers who provide services to his high standard. We love working with Tom and his crews. The day we start a new project is a happy day.”

– Bob and Nancy

“If you have the opportunity to have Lawrence Construction work on your house, grab it! The work they do is outstanding, solid, no cutting corners, flexible when needed, willing to accommodate the owner when possible, discussing the work plan in advance, careful attention to details, punctual and reliable. Their presence in our house never felt intrusive. The workmen were a pleasure to have around and they enjoyed their work and took pride in it. Furthermore, we had an architect’s design with some real challenges in it, and they took it on, and executed it all beautifully. We cannot recommend them enough. There should be more than 5 stars for them….”

– Marianne and John

“With Tom and crew, we feel we have the best people for emergencies, for remodels, new structures, and for creative ideas—they know our house as a doctor knows a patient. They help us figure out how we can economically do what we want—and then they build us the best structures imaginable. In addition to all of that creativity, we have always enjoyed the workers and looked forward to their presence in our home and in our lives. Not only are they extremely skilled and experienced, but they are each so very nice.

– Bette

“We had a very pleasant experience working with Tom, et al., adding a second story to our house and remodeling our kitchen and bathroom. We moved out of our home for nine months, and Tom got us back into our remodeled house on the date he said he would.  We appreciated the professionalism and willingness to listen that Tom and his group exhibited.  We agreed that if we were ever to experience another remodeling project, we would only do it if Tom and his company were the contractor.”

– Heino and Martha

“Tom Lawrence’s calm and thoughtful approach is an antidote to stress and his team and company were the perfect partner for our Berkeley house remodel. We combined two bedrooms and two bathrooms, enlarged a kitchen and did some seismic work in the basement. They were consummate professionals and superb craftsmen: friendly and low-key, detail-oriented, patient, on-time and mostly within budget. Most of the cost increase was our own choice; the only surprise was not realizing how extensive electric work can be inside walls from 1924. Tom & foreman Luis VillaLobos worked so smoothly with our architect and engineer. Our fondest memories come from getting to know Tom, Maia and the rest of his big family as friends. But on the job highlights include: watching Luis, Jose & Ricardo install the large view windows in our family room; working with and watching Joel Chala create the custom wood shelving in our family room and study; watching Michael Lee apply an artist’s eye to tints and surfaces; and seeing the frame of the house reveal itself and half-wondering whether we could just keep it that way!”

– Steve and Maureen